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Amphion One25A

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貨號: one25a 分類: Product ID: 3693


The Amphion One25A Three-way Active Studio Monitor is Amphion’s first active studio monitor delivering all of the benefits of active designs without any of the drawbacks. Featuring an innovative sealed dual cabinet, which separates the midrange from the hexagon-shaped bass enclosure, eliminating standing waves and improving clarity across all frequencies, the One25A delivers unparalleled clarity and naturalness.

Equipped with a 1″ titanium tweeter, the One25A delivers shimmering highs up to 22 kHz. A dedicated 5″ aluminum driver provides clear and focused midrange, while the 10″ aluminum woofer delivers deep and powerful bass. The monitor also comes equipped with a powerful 700W bass amp and two 250W amps for the midrange driver and tweeter.

With plenty of amplifier headroom, an elegant active crossover, and a built-in protection limiter that’s only in the signal path when needed, the One25A offers the highest level of resolution for all your audio needs.

Whether you’re a professional sound engineer, music producer, or home studio enthusiast, the Amphion One25A Three-way Active Studio Monitor is the perfect tool for achieving exceptional sound quality. Experience the natural and precise sound reproduction that Amphion is renowned for, and take your audio production to the next level.