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The Prism Sound Over-Killer is an in-line limiter for your analog audio. Featuring the same acclaimed soft-clip limiter circuit as found in Prism Sound’s digital converters, Over-Killers allow you to maximize your analog audio signals while limiting their output to +18dBu. This unique circuit “stays soft” even with large signal peaks, allowing you to hit your converters with a robust signal while preventing unacceptable clipping. When it comes to maximizing and protecting your signal levels with no sonic degradation, Sweetwater highly recommends Prism Sound Over-Killer in-line limiters.

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Prism Sound Over-Killer Features:

  • 1 pair of in-line analog limiters
  • XLR inputs/outputs for use with balanced line-level signals
  • Unique soft-clip limiter circuit allows you to push signal levels while limiting them to +18dBu
  • Allows you to trim your A/D input closer to true peak
  • Clipping stays “soft” even with large signal overloads