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Amphion FlexBase25

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Amphion FlexBase25 transforms your stereo 2-way studio monitor setup into a full-range, 3-way system. FlexBase25 is a single-box, stereo bass system with two long-throw 10-inch low-frequency drivers and a separate LFE-channel input. Unlike the mono subs used for movie formats, this music-centric bass extension system maintains stereo information throughout the whole frequency range. FlexBase25 is driven by a 700-watt-per-channel FlexAmp1200 power amplifier, which includes a variable crossover frequency, bass level attenuation, and adjustable mono/stereo spread. FlexBase25 also improves your existing studio monitors’ power handling. If you want to outfit your studio with hyper-accurate, full-range monitoring, Amphion FlexBase25 is primed to address the needs of modern sound making.


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Amphion FlexBase25 Studio Bass Extension System Features:

  • Transforms your stereo 2-way studio monitor setup into a full-range, 3-way system
  • Single-box, stereo bass system with 2 long-throw 10-inch low-frequency drivers
  • Ultra-efficient 1,400-watt, 700-watt-per-channel power amplifier
  • Separate LFE-channel input with +10dB sensitivity compared to the main channels, but no built-in lowpass filtering
  • Retains stereo information all the way down to the lowest octave
  • Delivers a 20–260Hz (lowpass), 35Hz–200kHz (highpass) frequency range and a maximum SPL of 117dB
  • Exhibits impressive THD and noise specs and a generous 127dB dynamic range
  • Bypass for occasions where you need a narrower midrange view
  • Adjustable mono/stereo spread ensures lock-tight integration even with higher crossover points
  • Variable crossover frequency and bass level attenuation